Flight Insurance: National and International Regulatory Experience


  • Roman Viktorovich Seryshev
  • Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova
  • Umalt Umarovich Abdulkadyrov




The article considers the legal regulation and the specifics of aviation insurance in Russia. Currently, the use of air transport is growing all over the world, including Russia. Accordingly, the likelihood of risks that threaten the property, health and life of aircraft owners, users of air transport services and third parties increases. The study aims at examining the legal regulation of aviation insurance, revealing its issues and searching for their solutions. It dwells on both general and special insurance legislation and its principles. The authors of the article analyze the basic insurance laws concerning the regulation of relations arising from flight insurance. They disclose the essence of compulsory civil liability insurance of aircraft owners that consists in the fact that the object of this insurance is exclusively compensation for property damage, while health, life and moral damages are not reimbursed. The authors highlight the specifics of the aviation insurance system. They describe the issues of flight insurance and the international experience of their solution. Certain aspects of international insurance regulation are compared with the Russian insurance legislation.