The Factors affecting the Tedency of Drug Addiction among Malays in Malaysia


  • Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
  • Rahimah Embong
  • Nizaita Omar
  • Razi Yaakob
  • Hanif Md Lateh
  • Ruhaizan Sulaiman
  • Iskandar Hasan Tan
  • Ruzaini Sulaiman
  • Low Yong San
  • Zamri Chik



Drug addiction is a very serious issue in Malaysia that has been declared as the number one enemy and the main agenda of this country. Hence, the National Anti-Drugs Agency is committed to eradicate drugs through the campaign of total fight against drugs. It is a fact that drug addicts among Malay ethnic more than other ethnics. Various other factors may influence this tendency of drug addiction such as culture, economy, environment and religion. Therefore, this article aimed to measure the level, pattern and influence of the constructs of religion, socio-culture, socio-economic and environment, and identify factors that affect the tendency of drug addiction among Malays in Malaysia. This study used quantitative approach with research design of survey used questionnaires as research instrument. The location was divided by zones, namely northern, western, southern, east coast and Sabah. It involved 13 National narcotics addiction rehabilitation centres and three (3) private drug rehabilitation centres. A total of 674 respondents comprising 549 Malay clients were selected randomly as research sample. The obtained data had been analyzed using the IBM-SPSS-AMOSversion 21.0 to run Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis which consists of two main models: measurement model and structural model. Prior to the SEM test, several adaptation tests were conducted to ensure that the tested indicators truly represented the measured construct. The findings of the study have shown that the factors of religion, socio-cultural, socio-economic and environment have positive and significant impact on Malay drug addicts. Socio-cultural factor is the most significant, followed by the environment, socio-economic and religion. This implies that the lack of religious teachings also affects the tendecy of drug addiction among Malays.