Axiology of Music and Pedagogical Education at the University


  • Tetiana A. Smyrnova
  • Nataliia K. Bilova
  • Alla F. Lynenko
  • Tatyana V. Osadchaya
  • Irina M. Levytska



For students of music specialties, important aspects are values and meanings, which can be called the basis of music education in general. The axiological approach, according to the authors, is an effective way in music and pedagogical education, which explains the relevance of this research. In this work, considerable attention is paid to international research by scientists related to the theory and practice of using the axiological approach in universities. To prove the expediency and effectiveness of the axiological element in the methodology of teaching musical disciplines, the experimental method was used. In this study the authors also used the methods of questionnaires, pedagogical observation, testing, interview. As a result of the research, the characteristic features and principles of the axiological approach were identified for use in teaching students of musical specialties. The authors see the prospects for further work in the study of the introduction of cultological and systemic approaches from a methodological point of view, as a result of which the structural and semantic characteristics of the value sphere of music and pedagogical education will become more versatile.