The Role of Arts Education in Today's Educational Process


  • Olha Muzyka
  • Yurii Lopatiuk
  • Tetiana Belinska
  • Anna Belozerskaya
  • Iryna Shvets



At present, there are discussions and research on the renewal of teaching methods in modern education. This explains the relevance of the study. In connection with the renewal of the teaching principle, it is necessary to introduce a new teaching method in educational institutions. The procedure for the implementation of the foundations of goal-setting also of the current school self-awareness changes the figures, the essence and the ways of educational work of students, the main transformations of educational activity. This work aims to study the problem of art education in the current realities, as well as outline the prospects for its development based on this. The problem was studied by using art as a teaching method. As a result, the authors came to a consensus that there can be only one way out of this situation – a fundamental shift towards weakening and increasing the humanity of the educational strategy. As a result, there is the restructuring and renewal of the entire machine of the educational process in the development of new educational concepts, areas of improvement, updating of existing aspects, as well as non-traditional forms of education. Prospects for the further development of the education sector are primarily in solving the identified dilemmas, namely, increasing the importance of art and aesthetic education at the state level, as well as qualitative and quantitative changes in the program for the creative and aesthetic profile and art.