Features of Pedagogical Practice in the Process of Professional Training of a Future Teacher


  • Olena S. Khmelnytska
  • Yuliia M. Bahno
  • Olena M. Serhiychuk
  • Larysa V. Tkachenko
  • Svitlana M. Tanana




Teaching practice in pedagogical institutions of higher education is an organic part of the educational process. It provides a combination of psychological and theoretical readiness of future teachers for future practical activities. The pedagogical practice contributes to the formation and development of pedagogical erudition, pedagogical goal setting, pedagogical thinking, intuition, ability to improvise, pedagogical optimism and pedagogical reflection. pedagogical specialties during educational and industrial practice in secondary schools. To accomplish this task, the authors distinguished educational-productive practice, because this type of practice, at the educational level of the bachelor, is provided in the final, 4-th course, after all the students have already a certain base of theoretical and practical knowledge. Research methods were theoretical: analysis, generalization, comparison; empirical: observation, studying of the products of students ’activity, questionnaires, conversations, interviews, discussion, testing, pedagogical prognostication, pedagogical experiment for revealing the results of experimental work; methods of mathematical statistics. Based on the results of the practice, as well as taking into account its organization and implementation, the authors conclude that the study is thorough, as well as its effectiveness for the formation of motivational-target, creative, practical, value-oriented, communicative competencies in graduates. As a result of the research, the criteria of the future teacher's activity in schools were derived (emotional-reflective; resultant-evaluative; motivational-prognostic; cognitive-cognitive), as well as levels for determining the quality of the student's teaching activity (adaptive, creative, sufficient). Besides, the study showed that students have profound and qualitative knowledge in specialized subjects (pedagogy, psychology, teaching methods, etc.). The conducted research proves once again that practical training is an important component in teachers’ preparation and their self-affirmation.