Geographical Indicated (GI) Products of the Regional Ethnocentrism of Kerala Prudently Influences Consumer Behaviour


  • U. Priyanka
  • Dr.V. Vimala



GI tagged products consists of agricultural and handicrafts products and are registered under the Geographical Indication Act of 1999. Kerala consists of 28 Gi tagged products, thereby having immense potential. Regional ethnocentrism is a noble concept developed by Shimp and Sharma in 1987. A 17 point “CETSCALE” was developed to measure ethnocentrism, and it holds a strong place in marketing literatures. By identifying the research gap, this study emphasises the influence of regional ethnocentrism towards the purchase of Geographical Indicated (GI) tagged products. A sample of 102 consumers was randomly chosen from the central zone of the state of Kerala. A reduced version of the six-point scale validated and introduced by Klein et al. 2006 and Fernández-Ferrín et al., 2019 was adopted in this study to examine the regional ethnocentrism towards GI Tagged products. Based on the findings, highly valuable suggestions were imparted to the producers to market regional geographical indicated products effectively. Regional ethnocentrism can be adopted as an appealing and victorious strategy, thereby enabling the smaller producers to survive in this globalised world of technology.