Individual’s Own Consent and External Support Shape Consumer Decision towards Healthy Packaged Food Intention


  • Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar
  • Hasan Zahid
  • Imran Arshad
  • Muhammad Imran
  • Saira Muzaffar
  • Loh Chik Im



The increasing percentage of processed food has transformed human diseases trends from acute to chronic diseases which are the cause of unhealthy food choices. To educate consumers the food label is the most suitable source of information. The primary objective of the current study is to examine how external factors encourage consumers to purchase package food and to what extent consumers’ inner voice reply. The model was tested on 467 sample size. For the final analysis SEM AMOS was employed. Results have unfolded the fact that there is partial mediation exist. Conscientiousness has made relation weaken which indicates that although external factors such as attitude towards food label and subjective norms are decisive for informed food choices but personality traits’ role is inevitable. The current study has contributed in existing literature but a comprehensive model required in developing consumers’ awareness towards selection of right amount package food. Practical: Food processing companies are designing easy to interpretive labels but the understanding of consumers’ personality traits can give them competitive edge in market.