Changing Trends in Advertising, Anti-Covid Products and Brand Promotion


  • Dr.P. Chitra



The tools, techniques as well as the platform have shifted for the advertisement during the Covid 19 pandemic. Sudden rise in the net worth of OTT platforms, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Health care Companies reflects the change in market dynamics. Home delivery of various items, work from home and lockdowns lead to the emergence of some new sectors in the market. Spending of hygiene, immunity booster and home luxury products has not remain the choice of Urban population only, rather it has became a crucial need of the whole country. Online Gaming, social media platforms, and digital marketing is experiencing a surge in it’s demand and expecting competitors in the market (Oesterkloeft, 2020). Marketers would need to build much more fast reaction industry trends within and with agency, so that innovative messaging change quickly. As the situation deepens, distant manufacturing and creativity resources are becoming more and more vital. For instance, Nike swiftly took on a new slogan: "Play inside, play outside." (Konig et al., 2020).As India is witnessing the 2ndphase of the covid lockdown, the govt and the public need to figure out which of these improvements will last and affect media consumption trends in the long run. The prolonged shutdown is being expected to put declining pressure on consumer buying power, resulting in continued low spending on discretionary and planned purchases. The most gain will come from e- content exposure and e-commerce, which will see a staticgrowing change in the baseline. Consumers would place a higher value on brands that demonstrate credibility, genuine experience, unprejudiced patriotism, and social responsibility.