Design of Secure Elastic Timer Protocol in IoT-Comparative Analysis


  • Kapil Mehta
  • Yogesh Kumar



IoT is a most integral part of every day’s life where everyone has to access the real-time information that makes people lives much more convenient through a network of digitally connected devices. In the present age, IoT protocols are designed to operate in multiple layers that allows devices to communicate wherever security is of much concern. IoT is much vulnerable to attacks due to the decentralization. During Communication between devices over an IoT network, Synchronization and Security are the main concerns and failing so, devices may miss the messages, collide with other messages or waste the energy to get back in sync. Data Exchange through IoT requires synchronization of real time aspects with network model of Internet. For the execution of synchronized tasks, synchronization of clocks of IoT is of extreme importance to allow the sequential ordering of information. There are various research studies on synchronization approaches so far. Elastic Timer Protocol is proposed that is beneficial as compared to standard Time-Lay Clock synchronization technique in case of energy consumption and convergence time. This Paper introduces the Elastic Timer Protocol that uses RSA to ensure the security of a network that works in the better form in case of reduced Energy Consumption and convergence time. The Comparison of the proposed Elastic Timer Protocol in comparison with Time Lay clock synchronization is also presented in terms of various performance metrics like Energy Consumption, Delay, Throughput and Loss Rate of Packets. Moreover, the simulation results revealed that the proposed work in terms of performance metrics mentioned above, performs better with superior performance characteristics.