Analysis of Automated differential Multi-gauging System through Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GRR)


  • Nishant Neve
  • Dr. Vijay Kurkute



Automated Differential Multi-gauging system is a very complicated and critical tool to measure some casting and machining parts. Hypoid pinion assembly has two taper rollers bearing with assembly play or gap. The differential assembly checking will be on three stages as P is housing and Q is hypoid pinion and the gap between both parts. The differential multi-gauging system needs to evaluate and analyse these critical parameters firmly is very important. So, after manufacturing and assembly of these automated differential multi-gauging system analysis confirmed by Gauge repeatability and reproducibility i.e. GRR. For the GRR method, we can take multiple experiments on the machine as many trials with the different number of parts and operator then that data will be analysed through this method. After analysing the result and accuracy of the measurement system by repeatability trials. The GRR results will be below 10 % is required then and then the only gauging system is Acceptable. The GRR will generate proper graphs and report which shows how multi-gauging system will ready to take thousands of parts checking accurately and precisely in the industry. This research will help anyone to how to analyse and evaluate the multi-gauging system result through GRR.