Innovation Resonances in The Development of Industrial Water Management Ecosystems


  • Luydmila Grigorievna Matveeva
  • Saida Kazbekovna Kuizheva
  • Olga Anatolievna Chernova
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Zarubin
  • Tatiana Anatolievna Ovsyannikova



This article presents the scientific and practical issue of achieving innovation resonance in regional industrial ecosystems, including the identification of sources and factors contributing to it. The study of this issue is grounded on the approach based on the methodology of economic and innovation growth, systems paradigm and structural analysis, the support framework of innovation development of the region, as well as the main provisions of the concept of business ecosystems with regard to the high-tech sector. The key idea of the original concept of determining the sources and factors of achieving innovation resonance in subsystems of industrial ecosystems, one of which is defined in the article as hydroelectric power (in particular, the water management system of the region), is to obtain an innovation response in the external environment as an indicator of the expected effectiveness and efficiency of industrial innovation. The basic platform of model tools in the mechanism to achieve innovation resonance and innovation response in industrial and related ecosystems of the regional economy (including the water management system) is an interrelated set of principles and methods that characterize the rational symbiosis of industrial ecosystems and allow identifying the resource reserves for the implementation of local and global goals.