Civil Action and Pretrial Procedures in Criminal Cases


  • Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Ivanov
  • Elena Nikolaevna Кleshchina
  • Pavel Vladimirovich Fadeev
  • Valeriia Valerievna Artemova



This article centers on civil action in pretrial procedures in criminal cases taken to repair damage caused by the crime. The authors highlight that the aforementioned issues in the Russian legal practices reason the need to reinvent approaches to a unified model for managing proceedings of filing and securing a civil suit as the most effective method to repair damage caused by a crime. In addition, it is important for the authorities to formulate a unified approach to compensation practices.
The correct implementation of the litigation rules can ensure guarantees for the victim, and further for the civil party to receive compensation for the damage caused by the crime.
According to the obtained results, the authors conclude that a civil action is an effective mechanism to secure reparation for damage caused by a crime. By filing a civil suit, the laws of the Criminal Procedure Code are implemented which stipulate the restoration of victims’ rights, including the claims being settled in favor of the civil party.