Assessment of the Impact of Market Drivers on the Sustainable Growth of the Banking System


  • Natalia Nikolaevna Natocheeva
  • Yuri Alexandrovich Rovensky
  • Tatiana Viktorovna Belyanchikova
  • Alexey Yevgenyevich Foshkin



The article examines the current situation in the Russian banking system, the assessment of which has shown mixed results. The analysis of the forecast indicators of the further development of the Russian banking system has revealed multidirectional trends. For the progressive and sustainable development of the Russian banking system, the authors investigated the interaction of the market environment and the banking system by assessing the impact of the drivers that act as conductors of such impact. Competition, marketing, management, market technologies, market regulation, business planning, and forecasting, bank profit have been suggested as drivers. The authors hypothesized that depending on the type of impact, which is divided into progressive, reactionary, and conservative, as well as the forces of the market environment on the banking system: superficial, segmental, and developing, there will be different situations of adaptation of the banking system to such impacts and, as a result, a different level of stability of the banking system. To implement the hypothesis, the authors proposed formalized parameters for calculating market drivers, identified the possible results of such an implementation, and provided advice on their interpretation.