Regional Industrial Complex as a Driver of Innovation Development of Industrial Production and Services


  • Valery Bezpalov
  • Sergey Lochan
  • Dmitry Fedyunin
  • Denis Gorin
  • Anastasia Mylnikova



Contemporary challenges of the socio-economic development of Russia, including ensuring the sustainability of economic growth, effective regulation and the sustainable use of resources, define the priorities of the innovation market modernisation. When solving tasks associated with Russia's economic recovery and the sustainable development of the national economy, high priority should be given to innovation activity and innovation in a regional industrial complex that can provide an upgrade in the technological and technical base of industrial production, infrastructure and services. The development and production of competitive products, as well as sustainable penetration and presence in the world markets of goods and services, are of great importance. First of all, this requires systemic changes in all spheres of the region's public and economic life. At the same time, the industrial complex combining the region's main resource potential drives the innovative development of industrial production and the services sector. Here, it is important to ensure the dynamics of comparable innovative development of the production and infrastructure complex. Otherwise, the sectoral imbalance will affect the sustainability of the regional economy. In addressing these problems, the formation and development of industrial complexes as the innovative development driver and the basis for increasing the competitiveness of the regional economy are important.