Analysis on Powder Embroidery Treatment (BB Glow) from the Islamic Law Perspectives


  • Muhammad Ikhlas Rosele
  • Muhammad Safiri Ismail
  • Noor Naemah Abdul Rahman
  • Arieff Salleh Rosman
  • Aqeel Khan



Powder embroidery or BB glow is one of the modern treatments towards dermatological problems. It has been widely practiced even though its elemnents have not yet been medically proved. Thus, the safety measurements of powder esearch y are not yet investigtated in line with (sharia laws). In essence, the powder embroidery treatment is seen as an attempt to modify the physical attributes of Allah’s SWT creation, skill deceiving and transgressor-esque behaviour (fasiq). This study analyses the provisisons of the conditions of powder embroidery treatment. This study adopts a qualitative research approach. Library-based data is analysed inductively and deductively. The analysis was done based on three main elements: the intention and purpose of the treatment, types of chemical ingredients used and the benefits and harm of the consumers and the public. The study found that powder embroidery is illegal because of how detrimental it is towards the consumers whether it be drastically or in the long run. This harm is based on the reluctance of WHO, USFDA and KKM to identify the safeness of this treatment in addition to the existence of various negative reports about it like allergies reactions, inflammation and granuloma that can’t be reversed (irreversible). The consideration of benefits and damage in this powder embroidery issue clearly leans towards the harms instead of the trivial benefits like achieving the facial beauty through this treatment.