Design of Efficient Low Pass Infinite Impulse Response Filter Using Dynamic Regional Harmony Search Algorithm with Opposition and Local Learning and Comparison with Harmony Search Algorithm


  • E. Rasi
  • Dr.P. Nirmala



Aim: The study aims to design an optimal digital IIR filter for the minimization of ripples in the frequency response of Low pass IIR filter
Methods & Materials: Dynamic Regional Harmony Search Algorithm with opposition & local learning DRHS-OLL method is used for the optimal design of efficient infinite impulse response [IIR] due to presence of the premature convergence in Harmony Search algorithm.
Results: DRHS-OLL algorithm has reduced the ripples in both passband & stop band regions of low pass IIR filter. The frequency response of the low pass filter also reached the ideal state when compared to the Harmony Search Algorithm. There is statistical significance difference between DRHS-OLL & HS algorithms where p<0.05 (Independent sample test). The mean gain of DRHS-OLL is 13.5873+/-1dB which is better than the mean gain of HS i.e., 5.7433+/-1dB.
Conclusion: The performances conclude that the DRHS-OLL algorithm has better gain & reduced ripples when compared to HS algorithm.