Comparative Studies on Colour and COD Removal of Reactive Dyes by a Novel Steel Scrap as a Catalyst with Conventional Fenton Process


  • E. Pavithra Krishnan
  • Dr.R. Ganesan



Aim: To remove the colour and COD of two reactive dyes namely reactive blue and yellow by Fenton and modified Fenton processes. Materials and Methods: The total number of groups used in this study is two (Control group N = 16 and Experimental group N = 16).The sample size was taken as 16 after being calculated for a pre-test power of 80% with an alpha value of 0.05 in The removal of colour and COD of two reactive dyes by Fenton process and modified fenton process was carried out. Results and Discussion: Colour removal upto 90% and 95% by Fenton and modified Fenton Processes respectively. The best COD removal efficiencies were 65.54 %, and 57.92% in the case of reactive yellow and reactive blue dyes in the Modified Fenton Process respectively. In the modified fenton process steel scrap is replaced instead of FeSO4. Conclusion: Compared to the Fenton process, the modified Fenton process has more percentage of colour and COD removal within the limits of the study.