Directions of Improvement of Strategic Planning and Forecasting of Tourism Development at the Regional Level


  • Olga Valeryevna Bruzhukova
  • Olga Georgievna Vandina
  • Oksana Mukharyanova
  • Artur Orazaliev
  • Olga Ivanovna Shatalova



The paper explores the main aspects of formulation and practical realisation of the theoretical and methodological components to improve efficiencies of regional tourism development strategies based on the enhancement of the method of situation analysis in tourism and the algorithm of forecasting of tourism potential considering territorial specifics. The authors' work helped to discover the core problems as follows. The inferior performance of modern tourism development strategies is caused by the absence of corrective measures to adapt to external economic transformations, by pandemic-related restrictions and by insufficient use of economic and mathematical toolkits in charting forecast trajectories. A solution to this problem would consist in developing and applying government support for adaptive development of the tourism industry to improve its efficiencies. An enhanced approach to setting up analytics and forecasting is proposed in this work with regard to domestic tourism development in the Stavropol Territory, which is based on the scientific and methodological toolkit for building up the efficiencies of strategic planning documents. The proposed algorithm integrates the main stages of strategic management, which, in contrast to existing algorithms, enables a more comprehensive identification of exogenous factors shaping the process of analysis of tourism clusters; it also allows an analysis of their dynamic variation in the macroeconomic environment. The paper presents methodological approaches to determining the capacity of territorial tourism potential based on the systematisation of both domestic and foreign advanced research. The novel contribution of this research consists in the systematisation of research methods and development of a methodology of situation analysis for the tourism sector based on the substantiation of the algorithm and forecasting the tourism potential of a territory.