Mechanism for Ensuring Regional Economic Security (Through the Example of the Moscow Region)


  • Sergey Valeryevich Bank
  • Vladimir Dmitriyevich Sekerin
  • Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Gayduk
  • Natalya Viktorovna Gayduk



The popularization of studies related to economic security at various levels (state/region/business) is stipulated by the reformation of the Russian economy. At the same time, according to the world studies, the conceptual apparatus of economic security has been used in management extensively and for a long time, while in Russia it is correlated only with the national security as its structural component.
Since the direct relationship between the national and economic security and the fact that under modern conditions, there is a national concept of preventing, minimizing, and eliminating threats to the state development are obvious, it is urgent to estimate the required security and the mechanism for ensuring it at the regional level. The region is a part of the country. The development of each of them, as well as the subsequent sum of aggregate indicators, make it possible to judge about the real economic situation in the country and the current level of economic security.
As for the Moscow Region, the mechanism for ensuring economic security should be regarded as comprehensive protective measures against existing and potential threats that destabilize the economy of the commercial environment, based on the principle of improving the sustainability and expanding the opportunities to prevent them. It is especially necessary to reconsider and rationalize this mechanism due to the latest global crisis events caused by the pandemic and the decrease in the efficiency of business entities functioning, their withdrawal into the shadows, managerial mistakes, and, therefore, the violation of economic security in the region.