Improving the Company Competitiveness through the Development of Key Competencies: Marketing - Management Technologies and Practices


  • Galina Timokhina
  • Irina Shirochenskaya
  • Natalia Ivashkova
  • Taira Murtuzalieva
  • Anatoly V Shishkin



The purpose of this study is to analyze the best marketing practices for the formation of competitive advantages based on key competencies. The use of such research methods as analysis, synthesis, deconstruction, traditional and content analysis of secondary information, allowed the authors to select from a large array of data on international and Russian-based practices for increasing competitiveness, mainly marketing and management technologies. These technologies allow the authors developing key competencies to create competitive advantages. The scientific novelty of the research is the systematization of current advanced international and Russian-based practices for managing competitiveness for the period 2015-2020. The basis is the authors' methodological approach to highlighting areas for creating competitive advantages by businesses developed on key competencies. The results of the study were expressed in the: first, the authors identified three main areas of creating competitive advantages based on key competencies: allowing to create value for consumers, differentiate from competitors, and have versatility; secondly, the content of competencies corresponding to the characteristics of key competencies has been determined; thirdly, advanced marketing and management technologies for creating competitive advantages with a focus on digitalization, collaboration and creativity have been systematized.