Cluster Approach to Regional Development of the Tourism Industry in the Context of Digitalization


  • Margarita Albertovna Kazaryan
  • Anna Albertovna Kazaryan
  • Pavel Nikolaevich Sharonin
  • Liliya Leonidovna Dukhovnaya
  • Irina Vladimirovna Sharova



The study is devoted to the formation of a cluster approach to the regional development of the tourism industry in the context of digitalization. The main characteristic of a tourist cluster is its ability to adapt quickly, therefore, to provide the subjects of the regional tourism cluster with the opportunity to exchange information among themselves in the language of common standards, compare the effectiveness of their work with the work of other participants, and learn from the best representatives of the cluster and external companies, it is advisable to develop a SCOR model that sets the language for describing the relationships between the supply chains participants. It is proposed to introduce complex automated systems that concentrate in themselves a set of organizational, regime, technical and other capabilities aimed at achieving a sufficient level of economic efficiency and safety of doing tourist business in the context of digitalization.