Economic and Legal Regulation of Tourist Enterprises as a Direction of Social Policy


  • Galina Ivanovna Avtsinova
  • Elena Nikolaevna Redikultseva
  • Liudmila Viacheslavovna Stakhova
  • Olga Vladimirovna Dmitrieva
  • Sergei Vladimirovich Feoktistov



The article is dedicated to the development of approaches to the economic and legal regulation of tourist enterprises as a direction of social policy. It has been found that social tourism is able to significantly increase the volume of domestic tourism in the coming years and make a significant contribution to the development of the tourism sector of the economy and to the implementation of the country's socioeconomic development strategy. It has been revealed that the state significantly influences the development of tourist enterprises through the statutory regulation of the corresponding activity by defining the foundations of economic, customs, and tax policy, and sociocultural priorities. It has been proved that the mechanisms of legal regulation of tourist enterprises should have a consumer in the center of attention, and the efforts of the state should be focused not only on limiting the monopoly in the supply of tourist services but also on increasing the social responsibility of entrepreneurship.