Copenbildo as a Mechanism for Citizen Participation


  • Carmen Elena Valladolid Zegarra
  • Tito Capcha Carrillo
  • Francisco Almeyda Chumpitaz
  • Ulises Córdova García
  • Jessica Paola Palacios Garay



Open lobbying, as mechanism for citizen participation, it was seen promoting in application of the General Law of Municipalities; it implies that the neighbors of that community a reintegrated into the objectives for the development of the district, it ervining directly with opinions and suggestions at a public hearing convened to discuss or discuss a specific topic that, with the participation of the neighbors and rulers, would contribute to making wise decisions for the good of the good. With this research, it is intended to analyze how open lobbying is a mechanism of participation in the district. The present research is of qualitative approach, from a phenomenological perspective, based dose on personal experience; it has as ample of 18 people: 02 neighbors representing the 09 sectors that counts the district. It is concluded that open lobbying is a mechanism of citizen participation formed under the Political Constitution of Peru and developed through the General Law of Municipalities; however, this medium, mainly, is used for accountability, neglecting educational issues of neighborhood incidence; that is, it ignores the importance of intervention by neighbors for cooperative work that allows the development of the district.