Strategy Perspective I Learn at Home in Distance Education


  • Liliana Elizabeth Siesquen García
  • Héctor Santa María Relaiza
  • Ulises Córdova García



The Estrategia Aprendo en Casa is a tactical direction adopted by the Ministry of Education due to the pandemic that was generated in to do the world. This study set out to determine the perception of parents of familia about the estrategia Aprendo enCasa in relation to education to distance through a cross-cutting descriptive study. A Likert-typequestioning has been used with 14 questions; this esudio showed that the parents of Familia work with thee strategia Aprendo at Home, these results are consistent with those carried out by Bustamante (2020) although the circumstances are not the same by which it can be concluded that this strategy is an alternative to continue the teaching-learning process and the parents of f amilia approve the strategy using it since they carry out activities fundamental to the well-being and development of students; proposes to collect evidence of the work done, as well as guiding families on the use of the devices.