Knowledge about COVID-19 in Young Lmeños University Students


  • Dennis Arias-Chávez
  • Julio E Postigo-Zumarán
  • Yanina Gallardo-Lolandes
  • José Valqui – Oxolón



Millions of cases of people infected with the Covid-19 virus in the world have been reported today, so knowing about its implications is vitally important not only to prevent contagion, but also to combat the fake news that is created about this virus. Therefore, this study aims to determine the level of knowledge about coronavirus in young limeños university students in 2020. The study was descriptive of non-experimental design. An online questionnaire evaluating the level of knowledge, previously validated by factorial analysis, was applied as an instrument. The exhibition consisted of 700 young university students from the first academic cycles between the ages of 16 and 25 (350 male and 350 female) from five universities in the city of Lima. The results show an average level of knowledge with 60%, followed by a low level with 20.4% and a high level with only 19.6%. This study is the first to investigate informational aspects related to Covid-19 and some associated socio demographic characteristics among the university population of an important city in Latin America.