Pedagogical Management and Teacher Satisfaction in Public School at Covid 19 Times


  • Rosa Alegría- Donayre
  • Nancy Trujillo- Mariño
  • Roger Simón Chipana- Coarite
  • Margarita Gutiérrez –Avellaneda



Pedagogical management is one of the functions that the principal must fulfil in the school, consists of accompanying and monitoring his teachers to strengthen his professional practice, also involves that in his institution students get adequate learning experience, and thus contribute to the teaching satisfaction. This study was carried out in public educational institutions in Peru, which encounter a number of difficulties such as: low budget to the education sector and low wages, problems that have become exacerbated in 2020 with the establishment of the health emergency. So, the objective of this study was to determine the impact of pedagogical management and teacher satisfaction on public school in Covid 19 times. A quantitative approach study, of explanatory descriptive design, was applied, which took as a study population 120 teachers from state schools. The results of descriptive and explanatory statistics, using logistic regression, made it possible to check the incidence in the study variables. Which made it possible to conclude in establishing that there is an impact of pedagogical management on teaching satisfaction; however, the perception of teachers was at a low level.