Common Attacks and Trends in Web Application


  • Emad Shafie



This aim of this paper is to review the available literature on the recent trends in web application vulnerabilities. Google Scholar was used as the main search database for the review. Studies from the last few decades to analyse the trends in web application vulnerabilities over the years, especially since they are a relatively recent phenomenon. Using a set of criteria, approximately 400 scholarly works were initially selected and then reduced to a smaller number which was then explored in detail. It was found that there are a variety of forms in which attacks on web applications may take place. These attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with advancements in technology. Additionally, novel ways of attacking users have been developed in order to do so without tricking the user. Given the influx of technology and web applications in every aspect of life, this makes the user especially vulnerable. This means that web application developers must treat security as a priority rather than solely focus on usability.