Effect of Consumers’ Demographic Characteristics on Infomercial Characteristics and Purchase Intention towards Infomercial Advertised Products


  • Siva Krishna Goud. Jampani
  • Dr.T. Elanchezhian




Companies target consumers to advertise their products and one such way is through Infomercial advertising. They give awareness about the product and provide sufficient information which will make them to buy the advertised products or services. Companies target the audience by considering their demographic characters, so that they segment the audience and focus their attention effectively. In order to make the effectiveness of the infomercials, companies concentrate on the different characteristics of the infomercials, and identify the purchase intention of consumers towards infomercial advertised products. Six demographic characters have been considered namely, gender, age, occupation, education, income and family type. Infomercial characteristics consists of eight dimensions namely Perception of Advertising Effectiveness, Comments and Demonstration, Payment Information, Recognition, Comparison and Extras, Internal Knowledge, Reputation, Media Richness, and Appeal. How demographic characteristics will have effect on infomercial characteristics and purchase intention is important for the researchers to study. With the above background, the aim of this article is to find out the effect of consumers’ demographic characters on infomercial characteristics and their intention to purchase infomercial advertised products. Responses have been collected from 397 customers who have purchased products after seeing infomercials. After careful analysis, the result concludes that occupation alone has effect on infomercial characteristics, whereas, gender, age, education, occupation, family type and income have effect on purchase intention.