Study on Wild Pork and Pigs in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam - and Pork Meat Export Criteria to Europe


  • Bui Thi Thom
  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy



Feeding wild pigs and managing wild pork meat quality is meaningful in Vietnam, esp. In Thai Nguyen province as pork products can offer variety of tastes due to food processing and suitable for Vietnamese tastes and can export to the world widely.
At present, most pig breeds are selected and raised in accordance with local conditions, especially wild boar and hybrids are very popular with people, the demand for products is increasing day by day. But raising pigs is also facing many obstacles, because wild boars are wild, domesticated more difficult than foreign pigs, and require a large area of land and a rich source of green food. Wild boars have good characteristics of adaptability, tolerance to harsh conditions in mountainous areas, taking advantage of natural food sources and low technical requirements.
Authors use statistical data and qualitative analysis to draw conclusion. The study find out that Softness, the amount and structure of collagen Then The cut of the meat is dry, the meat is slightly hiss, the muscle is a bit tight; And Fresh color - Healthy pork is usually light pink to crimson in color. This parameter is an important food quality standard.