Electric Field Stress Control on FGM Spacer with Particle in a Three-Phase GIS Using Metal Inserts for Sustainable Agriculture


  • Yogesh Sambhana
  • Sravana Kumar Bali
  • V.S. Polamraju. Sobhan
  • G.V. Nagesh Kumar




Recently, this kind of agriculture is in danger of threatening its future since it depends upon industrial agriculture to provide the bulk of the food we eat. In high-voltage applications, the three-phase Gas Insulated Busductor (GIB) is considered to be the most important to fulfill high demand. Due to numerous flaws like as delamination, protrusion, etc. induced during the switching process, GIB is shown to have insulator failures. Those flaws have a significant impact upon the distribution of the electric field across the distance and hence on the entire GIB system, which causes enormous economic losses. This paper provides a post-type spacer for a three-phase GIB of delamination with a Functionally Degraded Material (FGM), an additional particle introduced at high voltage for the analysis of the adverse behavior of the spacer and subsequent insertion of metal inserts minimize the stress of the electronic field. By doping it with varying permittivity values to provide uniform electric field stress using a Finite element procedure, FGM is spatially dispersed with various filling materials. Simulation with planned spacer is performed as faults at various voltages and FGM grades with delamination and particle. With the insertion of the metal insert in the FGM spacer type postal insert, the influence of aluminum particles with varying delamination sizes is reduced and the findings obtained are given.