Secure Storage of Electronic Health Records on Cloud Using Integrity Verification Auditing


  • S. Srinivasan
  • Kethineni Keerthi
  • Gummadi Tejaswi
  • Kodali Divya Shobana



Health care facilities have tried to keep sensitive patient information safe. Health information is important in identifying any stage of treatment. However, such information should be kept confidential and only available at health care facilities. To ensure data availability, health care data is now stored in the cloud and accessible online. But, this approach poses many threats due to the possibility of a patient data to be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Moreover, the standard data access control mechanisms are insufficient to ensure integrity of data due to numerous users. The constant adjustment of privileges also affected confidentiality. This paper proposes a novel approach in which the sensitive patient data in Electronic Health Records is hidden and stored more securely in the cloud. It uses a sanitization technique to detect sensitive data in the EHR and make use of identity based shared data integrity auditing to allow authorized access to the data. The web based application which uses the proposed technique is developed and tested to demonstrate its effectiveness.