Scribe-Free Way for the Specially Abled to Write Exams


  • P. Ezhumalai
  • Pacha Shobha Rani
  • S. Bharkavi
  • S. Charulatha
  • Deivalakshmi



The specially-abled face a lot of issues when it comes to taking up exams. They require specific assistance for taking up their exams known as a scribe. However in today’s world finding a scribe is of great difficulty. Even if the scribe is found there are a lot of other practical difficulties while using a scribe to write exams. One such practical difficulty in using a scribe to write exams is that the scribe may not be aware of the technical terms used by the candidate. This causes loss of marks for the candidate if the scribe makes an error. The scribe should also have a legible handwriting which again is a problem. Our project aims at eliminating the need for a scribe and allowing the candidate itself to take up their exams by leveraging the latest technologies such as speech recognition and synthesis. This is achieved with the help of an android application, using which the questions can be stored in a database using administrator login. A separate candidate login is given. The question will be read out to the candidate and the answer will be taken as a voice response.