Detection and Intimation of Vehicle Theft in Parking Slots


  • J. Geetha Priya
  • T. Revathi
  • G. Subasri
  • A. Shivani



Now-a-days, vehicle thefts have very high impact on public safety. There is a need in preventing those thefts. For vehicle theft detection and tracking system, we design a device which is cheap, compatible and also efficient. This device is vehicle tracking hardware which consists of GPS and GSM module for tracking the location of vehicle using co-ordinates and also it has a camera for live face capture of the intruder. In our system, whenever the vehicle’s engine starts, an OTP will be sent to the owner’s mobile for verification, if the OTP is not verified or incorrect OTP is entered, buzzer starts and an alert intimating theft will be sent to the owner. This hardware device is installed on the vehicle in the place where the intruder finds it difficult to identify and remove. The proposed system is an updated version of existing locking system in such a way that the device alerts the owner and notifies with updated location of vehicle at regular intervals and image of the intruder can be seen using live face capture system which secures the vehicles from theft.