Study of Histological Changes in the Bones of Front and Hind Limbs of White Rat Treated with Ibuprofen and Lepidium Sativum


  • Zainab Salah Abdul-Jabbar
  • Dr. Jabbar Abadi Mohammed



The current study was conducted to evaluate the morphological and histological changes in the front and hind limbs of Male albino rat belonging to the strain Sprague Dawley, treated with Ibuprofen and the possible protective effects of aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum. The study was performed in the animal house of Department of Biology Collage of Education for Girls University of Kufa. The study lasted seven months from September 2020 until February 2021 by following (80) male rats and were (16-20) weeks that weighted between (200-250)g which was divided in to eight groups each group consist of ten males. The first group was the orally given the normal saline only, and it was control group. The second group was treated orally with Ibuprofen at concentration of (400) mg/kg while the third group was administered Ibuprofen at concentration (400)mg/kg+ aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum seeds with concentration of (50) mg/kg. The fourth group was dosage Ibuprofen at (400)mg/kg+ extract of Lepidium sativum seeds with concentration (100)mg/kg orally too. The fifth group was treated with Ibuprofen at concentration (400)mg/kg +aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum at concentration (150) mg/kg orally. The sixth group was orally given the aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum seeds with concentration (50)mg/kg. The seventh group was treated with the aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum seeds with concentration (100)mg/kg orally. The last group was submitted to the aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum seeds with concentration (150)mg/kg by oral all groups were conducted once day from the first day until the sacrifice which was in two stages on (30 and 45)days. The current study included the process of recording the animal weights of body before and after the completion of experiment as well as weights of bones for front and hind limbs after the end of dose period The study included the histolgical sections of the limbs bones. It was absorved through the macroscopic examination of males dosed with Ibuprofen drug at concentration (400)mg/kg lack of movement and ,anorexia and sluggishness during a period 45 days. The results of statistical analysis showed significant decrease (P<0.05) in the body weight and the weight of limbs bones and the in treatment that were treated with Ibuprofen (30) and (45) days compared with control group. The results also showed decreased significant differences in body weight and weight of limbs in the groups were treated with Ibuprofen + water extract of lepidum sativum seeds (50)mg/kg also the result showed decrease (p<0.05) in body weight in the group of Ibuprofen + water extract of lepidum sativum seeds at (100)mg/kg in, the first dose 30 days, while there was no significant in the same group for the second dose(45) days. As for the group that was dose orally the aqueous extract of Lepidium Sativum seeds (50,100,150) mg/kg and for first and second dose showed significant increase ()in wight body and bones limb but no significant in length body and length of bones. Also patholgical changes were observed in the histolgical section of bone that dosed ibuprofen such as cellular changes in osteocytes, the lacuna looked empty without osteocyt and effected of cell components and cell life. The ather histolgical change was show in the bone marrow that decrease in blood cells components with hypoplasia and replacement of heamatopia with adipose content in the marrow cavity. There was no histopatholgical changes in the groups that treated with Ibuprofen +water extract of lipdium sativum seeds (50,100,150)Mg/kg compared with control group. As well as the group that was treated with water extract of Lepidium sativum showed cellular activity. From this study, it was concluded that Ibuprofen drug has toxic effects in the osteocytes that was affected in the bone tissue and bone formation for long term while the concentration aqueous extract of Lepidium sativum seeds has prevented the uncertain effects of drug. This stuy showed the important role of lepidum sativum as food supplements rich with vitamins and minerals on growth of bones.