Consumer Satisfaction Study towards Boost with Special Reference to Chennai City


  • Dr.M. Kalaivani



Health drink is one of the growing market today in India, It has been focused for every people especially for children. Most of the parents have considered this health drinks as a greater supplement food for their growing children and that makes every producer to concentrate to give qualifiable product according to the customer and consumer expectations. Due to the large number of Producers in the market, the consumer are getting confused and lot of factors influencing them to take purchase decision. This study is focused on Consumer satisfaction towards Boost (health Drinks) with special reference to Chennai City. It is based on the factors influencing on purchase behaviour of the consumer conducted a sample survey among the consumer to know their satisfaction level on Boost. Descriptive research design has been used in this study and the data were collected through questionnaire with 130 sample. Study found that more than 82% of the consumers are satisfied and highly satisfied of using Boost. Hence overall Consumer satisfaction towards boost is High.