How Technological Trends Innovated the Spirit of Entrepreneurship among Businessmen: A Systematic Review


  • WA Ode Sifatu
  • Petra Surya Mega Wijaya
  • Kunto Wibisono
  • Nerys Lourensius L Tarigan
  • Asih Endah Subandiyah



Aim: To understand deeply how the trend of technology has motivated entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs who have a high entrepreneurial spirit through a review of dozens of international publications interested in discussing technology trends and implications for business people with a high entrepreneurial spirit. Method: Search for data electronically on several Google scholar-based data and other literary sources. Then we analyze the data by involving data coding, evaluation, in-depth interpretation, and concluding the principle of all data that is valuable and reliable. We emphasize secondary data from several international publications focused on the theme of this study. Result: The positive impact of technology trends on business success through the spirit of referring to technology-driven business governance and entrepreneurship has colored the findings of this study. The skills and enthusiasm of the impact of technology trends on business people are evident in adapting business people to the adoption of modern technology across businesses and in various service and goods industries. Conclusion: These findings have become the basis for many groups such as industry, education, and policymaking in many countries.