Audit Committee Characteristics and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Insurance Sector in Bahrain


  • Dr. Mohammed Helmy Qeshta
  • Dr. Ghassan F. Abu Alsoud
  • Dr. Abdulqawi A. Hezabr
  • Basel J.A. Ali
  • Mohammad Salem Oudat



This study examines the impact of the Audit Committee's characteristics on the performance of the five insurance companies listed on the Bahrain Burse over the period from 2012 to 2019. This study uses four board characteristics indicators; the size of the audit committee, independence of the audit committee, frequency of meetings of the audit committee, and expertise of the audit committee. Besides, this study takes into account two control variables, such as company size and firm age. Three-panel models used with a different dependent variable for each one were used in this study. The results of the study showed a statistically significant negative relationship between meetings of the audit committee and performance. The size of the audit committee, the independence of the audit committee and the experience of the audit committee have no significant association with the performance of the insurance companies listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange. Alternatively, other AC features, different from those examined in this work, can be examined in future studies, such as the financial experience of its chair, the tenure of the committee and family ownership.