A Key to Unlock: Empowering Emotional Intelligence and Experiencing Transformation among School Students through Emotional Intelligence Intervention


  • Dr.S. Nithya
  • Dr.J. Rani
  • Dr.M. John Britto




India is the largest democracy in the world, and students are called future of the country. Schools are the place for the empowerment and development of good attitude-oriented personality students. The development of good attitude-oriented personality includes both cognitive skills and social cum emotional skills among school students that in turn would lead the country to be a developed country in the near future. In the present world of globalization, all the schools take good effort in imparting education that meet the requirements of present day globalised organizations. But at the same time, the schools are missing the key of upgrading the student’s social and emotional skills which would be the tool to retain success both in their professional and personal life. Hence the present study investigation would be an evidence for proving that upgrading the student’s social and emotional skills through Emotional intelligence intervention would lead to experience the empowerment and real transformation among school students of government schools. The present study would be an experimental study investigating the government school students’ Emotional intelligence before and after Emotional intelligence intervention.