Harm Caused by a Crime to a Legal Entity: Criminal Legal, Criminal Intelligence and Criminal Procedural Aspects of Comparative Legal Research


  • Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Ivanov
  • Kim Dung Vo
  • Viktor Victorovich Pushkarev
  • Elmir Nizamievich Alimamedov




The authors analyse the existing problems related to the determination of the extent and nature of harm caused by a crime to a legal entity in accordance with the legislation of Russia and Vietnam in theory and practice. According to the authors, the current legislation of Russia and Vietnam defines various methods, the use of which makes it possible to determine the characteristics of harm for a victim – a legal entity, such as: the investigative proceedings, the conduct of criminal intelligence measures, the examination of documentary records, audits, and other studies. At the end of the research the authors formulated the conclusion that now there are difficulties in determining this type of harm as business reputation, as a result of this phenomenon the right of a victim for harm compensation is limited. Consequently, the further development of the system of legislation requires the creation of the most effective methods in order to quickly and expediently establish the nature and extent of non-property damage (including business reputation) caused by a crime to a legal entity.