The Concept of Assessing the Level of the Enterprise Economic Security


  • Irina Yurievna Vaslavskaya
  • Irina Alexandrovna Koshkina



Several problems can be identified in assessing the economic security of organizations. Most of the developed techniques in this area involve the assessment of the financial component of economic security using methods for assessing the probability of the bankruptcy of the enterprise. At the same time, there are no unambiguously recommended evaluation methods; often enterprises are limited to any one complex methodology. Any evaluation of the financial component of the security is reduced to the cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of balance sheet liquidity and the financial stability of the organization, without the formation of an integral indicator. This approach does not consider the nature of internal processes and assesses the final impact of these “processes” on the indicators of financial statements (based on which the assessment of the financial component of economic security is formed). Also, one of the problems of assessing economic security using mathematical models is the complexity of mastering these models and the lack of the programs for performing calculations. It should be noted that it is a characteristic of the largest number of studied methods that usually assess the current state of the enterprise, the complex methodology does not consider threats, the maximum that can be considered is a possible prevented damage. Nevertheless, working with threats in the assessment system allows us to predict the possible negative impact on the state of economic security. And timely prevent these situations or “take the risk”, since it is advisable to assess threats through risk indicators. Assessment of economic security is as important as any other economic analytical information needed for the timely decision-makin and the formation of proactive measures.