The Importance of Computer Aided Technologies and Brand Promotion in Dress Design


  • Stepan Alexandrovich Popov



This article discusses the importance of computer aided technologies and brand promotion in dress design. The subject of research is computer aided technologies in dress design. The research topic involves interrelations between fine arts and computer aided technologies, which should be considered as the basis of brand promotion in dress design. The research is aimed at revealing necessity of computer aided technologies as an inherent attribute in design. The research hypothesis assumes that interrelation between computer aided technologies and design is highly relevant and required at present. The integrated approach used for considering designer activity in connection with realities of technological progress, as well as the system approach used for revealing the interrelation between the theory of fashion industry and the designing practice, and stylistic and technological analysis were applied in the work. The techniques of dress design using professional computer graphics were described. The research results eliminate drawbacks in model development regarding creative dress design concept and visual presentation of collection for consumers. The relevance of computer aided technologies for modern design assumes various opportunities of application of these tools both in teaching professional disciplines and in creation of dress design. Development of computer aided technologies allows designing models by computer graphics, which assists development of fashion industry and education in total.