Digital Transformation of Enterprises under the Influence of Industry 4.0 in Russia and at the Global Level


  • Alexander Rementsov
  • Antonina V. Sharkova
  • Natalia V. Bondarchuk
  • Охапа N. Vasilyeva



The article describes the Industry 4.0 which characterizes the current trend in the development of automation and data exchange, which includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and cloud computing. It represents a new level of organization of production systems and management of the value chain throughout the entire life cycle of products. The article is devoted to the consideration of modern approaches to the definition of the concept of "Production systems digital transformation." The study used several methods: generalization, systematization, formalization, logical, formal methods, as well as comparative analysis methods to study modern approaches of the definition of the studied concept. The tasks considered in the article are theoretical. The economic content of the concept of “Digital production systems transformation” is disclosed. The article presents the current economic content of the concept of “Digital transformation of Production systems under the influence of Industry 4.0” based on a review of modern approaches to the definition of this concept, and also highlights key indicators for the digital transformation of production systems under the influence of industry 4.0 at the global level. The basic concepts, ideas, methods of digital transformation are formulated. A new technology for the implementation of management tasks based on system design, control theory, business process and intelligent modeling were proposed.