Higher Classification of Fake Political News Using Decision Tree Algorithm Over Naive Bayes Algorithm


  • T. Dinesh
  • Dr.T. Rajendran




Aim: The main aim of the study proposed is to perform higher classification of fake political news by implementing fake news detectors using machine learning classifiers by comparing their performance. Materials and Methods: By considering two groups such as Decision Tree algorithm and Naive Bayes algorithm. The algorithms have been implemented and tested over a dataset which consists of 44,000 records. Through the programming experiment which is performed using N=10 iterations on each algorithm to identify various scales of fake news and true news classification. Result: After performing the experiment the mean accuracy of 99.6990 by using Decision Tree algorithm and the accuracy of 95.3870 by using Naive Bayes algorithm for fake political news in. There is a statistical significant difference in accuracy for two algorithms is p<0.05 by performing independent samples t-tests. Conclusion: This paper is intended to implement the innovative fake news detection approach on recent Machine Learning Classifiers for prediction of fake political news. By testing the algorithms performance and accuracy on fake political news detection and other issues. The comparison results shows that the Decision Tree algorithm has better performance when compared to Naive Bayes algorithm.