Design of Wearable Microstrip Patch Antenna Using T-Shaped Slot Antenna Compared with U-Shaped Slot Antenna for Health Monitoring Systems


  • Mannem Meghana
  • Bhaskarrao Yakkala



Aim: To Enhance radiation characteristics such as bandwidth, gain and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) by designing innovative wearable T-shaped and U-shaped slot microstrip patch antennas using the FEKO tool for health monitoring systems by using FR4 substrate for an operating frequency ranging from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz. Materials and methods: The microstrip patch antenna ground plane is made with FR4 material by using FEKO software varying frequency between 2.2-2.6 GHz. The T-Shaped and U- shaped slot microstrip patch antennas was chosen as a group having 20 samples each. The bandwidth, gain and VSWR was obtained for T-shape and U-shape slot antennas. Results: T-shaped slot antennas (P=0.001) have significantly higher bandwidth, gain and lower VSWR than the U-shaped slot antenna (P=0.031).The obtained significance value is <0.005 and mean values also increased. Conclusion: T-shaped microstrip patch antenna is designed and simulated using FEKO tool. The T-shape slot antenna has higher bandwidth, gain (Mean of T-shape 2.7238 and U-shape 1.4626) and VSWR (Mean of T-shape 8.3951 and U-shape 6.7675) when compared to U-shaped slot antenna. So, this antenna is very suitable for health monitoring systems.