Professional Architects Awareness on the Sustainable Benefits of Compressed Earth Brick as a Wall Material in North-Western Nigeria


  • Sanusi Sani Maimagani
  • Roshida Binti Abdul Majid
  • Leng Pau Chung



The study intended to appraise the level of Awareness among the Professional Architects on the sustainable benefits of using compressed earth brick as a wall material for school in North-Western Nigeria. In the past, schools were built with earth, and their indoor thermal environments are friendly and more energy-efficient compared with the nowadays walling material. In order to accomplish the purpose of the study, a cross-sectional online survey design was adopted to collect the relevant data for evaluating the awareness level of the sustainable benefits of compressed earth bricks amongst the professional Architects in North-western Nigeria. Statistical analysis software ANOVA and SPSS 25 were utilized to determine the respondent's awareness level, on the sustainable benefits of C.E.B., and concerning their educational qualifications and year of experiences. The research data are analyzed based on a 5% level of significance for all statistical tests in this study. The analysis results reveal that the professionals are aware of the benefits, including availability, renewability, recyclability, and affordability. There is no significant difference in the professional Architects level of Awareness concerning their educational qualification because the p-value (0.376) is greater than the alpha value of 0.05, and also based on their years of experiences, there is no significant difference (p-value (0.850) is greater than the alpha value of 0.05). These trigger the need for government policies and the general public enlightenment by the building industry's professional bodies.