Validation of Awareness of Thermal Performance of Earth and its Sustainable Benefit Assessment Scale


  • Sanusi Sani Maimagani
  • Roshida Binti Abdul Majid
  • Leng Pau Chung



This objective of the study is to assess the validity of the Awareness of Thermal Performance of Earth and Sustainable Benefit Assessment Scale (ATESBAS). A cross-sectional survey design was adopted with a 50 selected samples from the northwestern part of Nigeria. The instruments contained 20 items spread among the 2 constructs of Benefits of Compressed Earth Brick and Application of compressed earth brick. The data collected were entered into Microsoft Excel 2019, and SPSS 25 was used for the analysis. The scale was evaluated through content validity with experts and Reliability with Cronbach’s Alpha technique. The results indicated that the scale has substantial content validity and acceptable reliability values of 0.80 (Benefits of Compressed Earth Brick) and 0.84 (Application of compressed Earth Brick). However, one item overall failed to satisfy the condition to be certified as valid and thus, entirely removed from the scale (Application of Compressed Earth Brick). Accordingly, with the satisfaction of measurement requirements by 63 items, it concluded that the developed ATESBAS validated in this study can be used to investigate the awareness of the thermal performance of earth as a wall material and sustainable benefit, among professional architects in North-western Nigeria.