The Mediating Effect of E - Satisfaction on E - Service Quality and E - Loyalty Link in Securities Brokerage Industry


  • B. Jeyaprabha
  • Dr.C. Sundar



The rising popularity and use of the internet - based e in India offers huge potential in the internet connected (e-commerce) market and economy, and in specific for the stock brokerage category, leading to improved electronic service quality (e-SQ), electronic satisfaction (e-Satisfaction), and electronic loyalty (e-Loyalty) and becomes powerful components for investment bankers and stock brokers to attract and keep traders in the online market. To cope and handle with advances in Technology (ICT) and the varying expectations and demands of stock traders, the relationship between e-SQ, e-Satisfaction, and e-Loyalty should be continuously reviewed. Nonetheless, the design of e-SQ for retailers in any industry remains an open question. In this study, E-SERVQUAL was combined with several other e-SQ scales to assess the e-SQ of major share brokers in India. The e-SQ frameworks in particular are Design, Functionality, Privacy, Reliability, and Recovery. An online questionnaire is used in the research and the sampling method used was convenience sampling. From the distributed questionnaire, 50 sets of finished and productive responses were returned by the traders and investors. The findings suggested that the five proposed dimensions of e-SQ for stock brokers in the share market be developed. Every aspect of e-SQ was observed to have significant positive and notable effect on stock dealers' e-satisfaction. The responsiveness of e-SQ had the greatest impact on online shoppers' e-satisfaction. The customer's e-Loyalty to use an online retailer's website on a regular basis was significantly influenced by their e-Satisfaction. The study's findings serve as the foundation for discussion on managerial and theoretical implication.