Effectiveness of Organizing Students’ Self – Education with the Facilities of Media Resources in Educational Media Environment


  • Zakhro Umarova




New information communication technologies and digital media are changing our world and the way we learn. Therefore, the introduction of ICT in the professional activities of teachers in our time is inevitable. Information technologies open up new opportunities for improving the educational process, activate the cognitive activity of students and allow organizing the independent and joint work of students and teachers at a higher - creative level. With countless educational resources, ICT can help improve teaching and learning process. Teachers can use various of educational digital resources, among them, media resources contribute to increasing student engagement thus improving traditional teaching methods. The increasing use of ICT and digital technologies is stimulates a growing demand for new professional competencies. New requirements are being put forward for the professional competence of teachers in the context of the digitalization of the education system. In this context, it is about ICT, digital and media competencies of future teachers. This article reveals the methods for the development of these competencies through the organization of self-education of students in educational media environment. In educational media environment, which is offered by us, media resources introduced as open educational digital resources for self-learning modular short courses under the subject "Information Technologies in Education". The study showed that, media resources serve to enrich the educational process with visual materials and to increase the efficiency of student self-learning.