Methodology of Training Students in Design and Modeling of Clothes Using Information Communication Technologies


  • Umarova Fotima Abdurahimovna



The purpose of this article is to develop a methodology for the development of competence in the design and modeling of clothing for university students through the use of information and communication technologies, its introduction into the educational process and increase the effectiveness of education. This article discusses the issues of improving students' knowledge and skills, interest in the learning process and the ability to apply their knowledge in practice in the future, using modern information and communication technology tools in the training of design professionals. Emphasis will be placed on developing and implementing a new teaching method aimed at enhancing the competence of design students in designing and modeling clothing. The role and perspectives of teachers are very important and they are highlighted as key participants in the process. The data show that, the using authoring technology of SCADEduWeb and information communication technologies in the educational process on the basis of interactive teaching methods, that allow students of professional education to effectively teach the design and modeling of clothing through the design of innovative digital tools, modeling creative and reflexive approaches helps to increase the effectiveness of education and facilitates the organization of the learning process. In particular, it shows that the contribution of information communication technologies to the improvement of the educational process in educational institutions, where information communication technologies are an innovative factor. Authoring technology of SCADEduWeb allows each student to achieve good results through independent, creative thinking at each stage of mastering the subject "Design and modeling of sewing objects". Achieving this high level will lead the educational institution not only to modernize the technological tools, but also to change the teaching models. In order to achieve development, we need to master digital knowledge and modern information technologies, use new teaching methods. This allows us to take the shortest path. Indeed, the deep penetration of information technology into all parts of the world today is creating new opportunities.