Exploring Consumer Reviews for Men’s Fashion Accessories in Online Purchase Platforms Using Sentiment Analysis


  • Dr.D. David Winster Praveenraj
  • Dr.K. Subramani
  • Dr.R. Thiru Murugan
  • S. Manikandan




The recent trend in the Indian menswear market has witnessed the infusion of western styles. Result of this is a promising market in India for men’s fashion accessories like caps, sunglasses, bracelets, rings etc. One among the accessories is earrings for man. This product category has got line extensions like studs, hoops, non-piercing magnetic type and piercing studs etc. Keeping in consideration the whooping growth of the men’s earrings market in the online purchase platforms, this study is done with an objective to explore the reviews for this product category to arrive at some insights. For this study descriptive research design has been adopted. Using the scraper tool in Python software, the data (user’s reviews for men’s earrings) was collected from the top two online vendors in India (Amazon and Flipkart). Sentiment analysis is done with R software using the text analytical package “sentiment”. Then the sentiment scores was deployed in ANOVA to test for any significant differences in star ratings and the product variant purchased by the customer taking the Comment Sentiment Scores and Title Sentiment Score. The results have shown that there is a significant difference between the star ratings and Comment Sentiment Scores, Title Sentiment Score. Bivariate correlation is applied to test the relationship between Comment Sentiment Score, Title Sentiment Score and star ratings. The result revealed that star ratings, Comment Sentiment Scores and Title Sentiment Score have a significant relationship with each other.